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The Big 3 is a David Reid Group blog series designed to give you insight into the big issues in branding, marketing and selling. We break each topic down into three straight-forward points, so you can get the picture and get on with your day.

Although experts in what they do – whether producing an innovative product or providing an excellent service – many businesses are not experts in marketing. And they don’t need to be to succeed; they just need to access the right help at the right time. Once your brand story is established, the Bounty approach uses the Big 3 of marketing expertise to deliver that story with impact.

1. Think it through

Many businesses owners and directors rightly question whether their investment in marketing is generating the results they want. Too often they’re at the mercy of tactical marketers (both internal and external) who haven’t taken the time to really understand the business or are promoting marketing that suits their particular capabilities. The effectiveness of any marketing hinges on well thought out answers to key business questions such as: What does the business do and where does it make its money? What kind of clients does the business need, now and into the future? What changes are needed to the product and/or service offering to meet the needs of those clients? What combination of the many marketing options best suits the business? Answering these questions requires a different level of marketing expertise – one that combines good analysis, commercial logic, strategic thinking and the grounding that comes with knowing how to make good marketing happen. The outcome is clarity about the path ahead, comfort in clearly defined objectives and confidence that you will achieve the best return given your budget.

2. Do it and do it well

It’s one thing to have a plan, it’s another thing entirely to execute it well. Good execution of marketing, much like project work of any kind, requires many different skill sets and sufficient time for those skills to be applied. It’s crucial to source the right people and you’ll more than likely need to look outside your business – with so many marketing options available it’s impossible for one person or even one team to have expertise in all of them. This also holds true once you’ve made a marketing choice – one person won’t be able to do it (well) alone. Take a simple website as an example. To get a great outcome requires: strategic advice (to help you decide why you need it and who it is for), web designers (to design the right experience), web developers (to build it), social media expertise and (also) SEO (search engine optimisation), writers and editors (to develop good content in line with your brand story) and, most importantly, strong project management (to ensure the final outcome is in line with the overall brief). And once the website is launched you need ongoing support to maintain your online presence. Expecting one or two people in your staff to have all these skills is unrealistic and invites a stressful process and disappointing result.

3. Review it

Quite simply, effective marketing is not set and forget – it’s do and review. Getting into the habit of reviewing your marketing efforts helps you understand what worked and what didn’t – Was it the strategy? Was it the execution? Was it both? Just like high performance of any kind, reviewing helps you improve upon your last efforts, setting you up for ongoing success. It also helps you set realistic expectations of what can be achieved next time and how long it will take to achieve it.

DRG can guide you through each step of this marketing process, helping you think through, successfully execute and continuously improve your marketing strategy. We can also provide any kind of any experts you need to realise your plan, and coordinate them to work well together and with you. It’s all part of the comprehensive Bounty approach. We continue next time with the last post in this series, looking at DRG Bounty – Selling.

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