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The Big 3 is a David Reid Group blog series designed to give you insight into the big issues in branding, marketing and selling. We break each topic down into 3 straight-forward points, so you can get the picture and get on with your day.

In this Big 3 series we’ve talked about how we go about researching for a business and the important messages that emerge from our extensive interviews with the staff and customers of our clients. But it’s one thing to conduct research, it’s another to put it to good use: at DRG, we don’t just deliver quality research feedback, we help our clients understand it and solve the problems that it exposes within their business. So, the final post in our series focuses on the big 3 ways we help our clients use the results of research to significantly improve their business.

1. They use it to empower internal action

One of our take-home messages about research was that it often reveals different views of the company prevailing within the business. This is positive because everyone acknowledges there are differences and a shared vision can be openly discussed and agreed upon. If staff embrace this process it empowers them to take action in the business, confident that they’re working with shared values toward common goals. For example, they can implement changes they’ve probably known needed doing for a while and which are also now motivated and justified by concrete customer feedback. The result is empowered staff and improvements for the customer. Both staff and customer feedback may also help decide whether the right people are in the right roles, if human resources need to be restructured and if there are some people who just aren’t the right fit for the company. Getting all these things right builds the strong internal belief that’s essential for the long term success of a business.

2. They use it elevate the role of communicating with customers

As we pointed out in our last post, customers are generally keen communicators – and they want a two-way conversation. While our clients are very good at efficiently delivering their product or service, feedback from their customers often shows that under-communicating is damaging their business relationships. In other words, good communication is as important to the customer as the quality of the product or service you provide. It’s also the best way to uncover and solve problems before your customers go elsewhere. One very effective solution is to have a non-technical, non-sales customer touch-point in your business. For example, a home builder that we worked with had no-one in their team responsible for discussing the human impact home renovations would have on the customer. There was no one to warn of the mess involved, or when the kitchen would be unusable, and customer dissatisfaction with this became clear through our research. DRG suggested they employ an experienced customer service representative who briefed customers thoroughly, listened to their concerns, and checked in with them throughout the project. The company followed our advice and, as a result, customers’ focus was bought back to the technical excellence of the product and service.

3. They use it to find their brand story and rediscover marketing confidence

Most businesses who work with DRG are looking for a way to get better at marketing their already very good product or service. So while research helps businesses uncover and solve many other issues, the main reason DRG conducts research is to establish an accurate and objective picture of the business internally and externally. We take the raw data of research and synthesise it into insights about a business’s target market. Then we use these insights to craft a brand story with our client that positions them in the market, with a message that cuts through to their target customers. A brand story based on genuine evidence from research then empowers both DRG and our clients to plan and implement marketing initiatives – without it we couldn’t be confident in our recommendations and the business owner couldn’t be confident to follow them. We think the formula is pretty simple: quality research leads to a good brand story, marketing success and realising the potential of your business.

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David Reid Group specialises in marketing and branding in Perth, Western Australia.

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