Psychological insight – getting the right kind of help

The Big 3 is a David Reid Group blog series designed to give you insight into the big issues in branding, marketing and selling. We break each topic down into 3 straight-forward points, so you can get the picture and get on with your day.

In this series we’ve so far explored how to reach psychological insights about your customers and how to apply these insights to improve your business. As you may have gathered, this is not quick or easy work. But it’s work that will get you the results you want. If these ideas have resonated with you, perhaps you’re now considering getting help with this process. There aren’t many businesses with the internal resources to successfully manage their branding, marketing and selling from end to end. Many businesses choose the wrong kind of help at the wrong level to bridge their skill gaps – and it ends in poor results. So, who can help you use insights about your customers to realise the potential of your business? These are the big 3 experts who will get you there – and you may be surprised who they are.

1. The Brand Strategist

We’ve discussed the importance of brand strategy and establishing or redefining your brand story many times before. This is the crucial step often skipped because everyone is eager to get started with planning and implementation. As we now know, this is when you begin to apply your psychological insights in order to understand who your target market really are and craft a brand that will resonate with them. A good brand strategist will help you do this. They’re experts at marrying your insights with their own expertise to reach a high-level brand strategy and story. A lengthy and involved process is needed to get this right – it won’t be achieved in an afternoon workshop. But the results of this work will be the guiding light for all of the marketing and selling to follow.

2. The Marketing Director

A marketing director is a very different type of expert. They are essentially a project manager that helps you plan your marketing and then oversees its implementation. The specialist knowledge of your marketing director will ensure your marketing budget is spent in the most productive way possible. They aren’t the person who’ll be designing your website or writing your brochures but that doesn’t mean they’re dispensable. In fact, they’re indispensable because they make sure that your brand strategy and story is actually translated into the marketing products that are created for you. They do this by managing the numerous creative and technical experts that are needed to execute your brand strategy. They also help you choose the best marketing channels and mix of marketing to reach your target market, informed by the work you’ve done with your brand strategist.

3. The Sales Director

A sales director should be able to look at your brand strategy and understand the type of sales people you need to be able to reach your target market. Whereas a sales recruiter will present you with a selection of sales people and leave you to choose the right candidates, a sales director will advise you on who is best for your business. They will also be able to help you write the right job description, design the right remuneration package and set up the right sales management. They may also provide ongoing training and coaching.

When quality people in these high level positions work together to connect your business with your target market, you have a very high likelihood of success. To go from intuitive musings about your customers to connecting and resonating with your target market is a long road. It’s definitely worth investing in some expert support to help you plan and navigate the journey – your destination is business success.

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