Psychological insight – applying what you know

The Big 3 is a David Reid Group blog series designed to give you insight into the big issues in branding, marketing and selling. We break each topic down into 3 straight-forward points, so you can get the picture and get on with your day.

Making time for the simple process of focus, reflection and intuition will ultimately lead to psychological insights about your customers. These insights are invaluable because they help you identify and really ‘see’ your target audience. The phrase ‘target market’ is over-familiar but the meaning is apt – if you can’t see the target, or you don’t know which one you’re trying to hit, you’re never going to reach it (except by random luck!) So how do you take psychological insights about your key customers and apply them to your branding, marketing and selling, to really connect with your target audience? Here are the big 3 ways:

1. Use your insights as a marketing filter

Apologies if this seems obvious, but every element of your brand, every piece of marketing you do, every sales pitch, needs to be tailored to your target market. It has to be informed by your psychological insights, by everything you know about your customers, by the target you’re trying to reach. Unfortunately, this can be easy to forget when everyone tells you that you have to be on social media, or you’re presented with a really great looking logo, or some exciting new marketing idea. At this point you MUST stop and filter those ideas through what you know about your customers. Before you proceed you must ask: “Is our brand story going to resonate with our target audience?”. Does our audience actually spend much time on social media? Will that classy pink logo really appeal to the working mothers we want to attract? Are quality-looking brochures important to our retired clients? Will our sales team connect with our CEO clients? If you don’t use your filter to help you ask and answer these questions, you’ll be shooting into the dark and wasting a lot of money in the process.

2. Build on your insights

Of course, your psychological insights may not provide the answers to all the questions you submit to your filter. This may be because you’re too close to, and invested in, your business to see what you need to see. When you don’t know something in particular about the values, habits and preferences of your target market, or you need some reassurance that your intuition is spot on, you could turn to marketing experts. This is an excellent time to get external help and an objective perspective. The right consultants with the right tools and expertise will help you get an even clearer idea of your target market and further psychological insight. In fact, we believe this crucial stage is worth the most investment; it ensures that every subsequent dollar you do spend on branding, marketing and selling is productive because you are reaching, and resonating with, your target market.

3. Share your insights with the experts

If you do decide to get marketing experts on board, remember that the expertise runs both ways! While marketers bring marketing experience, research and creative ideas to you, you are the expert on your business and your customers. To make this a winning combination, you must be willing to share your psychological insights and they must spend time getting to know you. Then the expert consultants you work with will be in the best position to help you make good choices about the strategic and implementation stages that follow.

In short, to apply your insights you need to focus on the people on the receiving end of your branding, marketing and selling and predict how they’ll react. Always remember your ultimate product isn’t a logo, website or brochure but a positive response from your target audience.

Next time, we wrap up the series with how psychological insight can ensure the right people follow the right process.

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