Airland Logistics Sales Improvement Program

The situation

Airland Logistics is an international courier company with a difference. The company is well established and respected, successfully providing comprehensive distribution solutions everywhere from Africa to Australia, for industries as diverse as mining and fashion.

Airland Logistics and its management are unique, innovative and entrepreneurial. They looked to DRG for a straight-forward sales improvement program but they ended up with so much more - because they were open to the possibilities of a flexible approach.

working with drg

As always, DRG began by getting to know the company better. It soon became clear that although the company did need its sales staff to 'step up', there was more to the story.

DRG identified some issues with the structure of the wider company and sales team: these needed to be dealt with before sales improvement training could work.

Airland responded positively to this feedback and DRG was able to help them effectively address these deeper issues. Working together with Airland, they ensured the right people were in the right roles and that the sales culture was renewed.


The results

As a result of this adaptable approach to sales improvement, DRG and Airland were able to revisit the original goal with a clearer focus and a much easier job ahead of them.

DRG developed and implemented a clear-cut, effective sales strategy. They now provide ongoing strategic, sales and training support, continuing to help Airland Logstics fulfill their potential in sales and beyond.