Summit Home Improvements Sales Improvement Program

DRG coordinated and optimised the performance of both sales and marketing.

the situation

Summit Home Improvements (Summit) is Western Australia’s longest established home improvements company. Its outstanding reputation and skilled workforce, which includes first-rate designers and effective managers, are attested to by year after year of industry awards.

Summit was eager to maintain their position as WA’s number one home improvements company. Of the many business areas they could have chosen to work on, their choice may seem surprising – sales improvement.

working with drg

Summit engaged DRG to initiate its Bounty Sales process, and soon became convinced of the value of the approach and committed to it.

The sales managers, designers and DRG worked together to set sales goals and establish sales frameworks. Their aims were to increase the designers’ likelihood of making more sales at better margin and to improve the way the sales people were managed.

the results

The collaboration unearthed a common yet seldom recognized situation; Summit Homes’ success in sales and sales management was inextricably linked to wider business issues.

The foundation of sales success is having the right people doing the right things. The application of this simple principle is far more challenging and often needs an impartial eye. DRG helped Summit come to a key decision to free the general manager to focus on broader and more strategic issues.

To achieve this, a full-time sales manager was appointed to oversee the day-to-day activities of the sales team. This appointment was made in the context of a suite of new sales goals, frameworks and practices, allowing him to make immediate progress.

DRG's work on sales highlighted another commonly under-appreciated situation; the closely related business area of marketing can hamstring even the most skilled, best-managed sales force. To address this problem, Summit engaged DRG's expertise further. Using the Bounty Marketing approach, DRG began to coordinate and optimise the performance of both sales and marketing.

After eighteen months of productive work together, DRG and Summit have produced results of substance – and results that will endure.