La Vigna Marketing Plan and Implementation

the situation

La Vigna is one of the few remaining independent liquor stores operating in W.A., owned and run by a family of passionate wine connoisseurs. Over almost 20 years, the Tamburri family have grown a devoted network of Perth’s wine lovers - people who know they can always depend on La Vigna for excellent wine and advice that exceeds their expectations.

The business was experiencing a generational transition as Ann Marie, daughter of the highly respected Michael Tamburri, became more heavily involved in the running of La Vigna. She was interested in extending the store's marketing reach to the digital realm and she engaged DRG to help her succeed.

working with DRG

DRG suggested La Vigna consider their absence from the web as an opportunity to get their branding right, before investing in further marketing tactics. After DRG helped them identify their target market, and update their brand in a way that respected their heritage, La Vigna was ready to invest in an impressive new website.

A primary motivation for La Vigna's engagment with the digital world was the need to develop an on-going dialogue with a core group of loyal customers. DRG helped Ann-Marie establish a well-crafted blog that shares her wealth of wine knowledge with La Vigna's target audience.

the results

La Vigna now meets current expectations that all businesses have an online presence. With DRG's help, it has done so in a way that builds on an existing reputation and allows them to communicate regularly with a large group of dedicated customers. This multiplication of personal exertion effort has had a significant effect on La Vigna's business, increasing customer engagement and sales.

With well-above industry average open rates for emails to their extensive mailing list, Ann Marie is confidently leading the business into a thriving future.