Limescapes Brand Strategy and Implementation

Working with DRG changed my thinking about how best to position our business in our market. Six months down the track and our new branding is really working for us.

Chester Reeve

The Situation

Over the last twenty four years, Limescapes has built a successful business in the very competitive Western Australian building market.

As market conditions become more chellenging, Limescapes saw an opportunity to reposition themselves over and above their competitors.

They decided to start with their website but we left underwhelmed with the result.

They turned to DRG for help as they could see the value of their approach.

Working with DRG

DRG put the website project to one side and instead worked with Limescapes to really clarify their target audiences, competitive advantage, unique market position and what they wanted to achieve.

Using the insights from this initial process, DRG carefully crafted Limescapes' Brand Story.

With a clear Brand Story in hand, Limescapes could see how a new brand identity, quality photography and well written content would enhance not only the website experience, but the entire branding of their business.

The committed to the roll-out phase

The Results

The new brand identity has lifted the customer experience across all the key touch-points.

The new website has resonated very positively, not only with their existing clients but new clients who are finding them for the first time.

Internally, staff are also onboard and have renewed confidence to sell the value Limescapes has to offer

Limescapes now have a strong platform from which to build as they continue their marketing investment via digital, SEO and other mediums.