Global Seafood Brand Strategy and Implementation

I was cautious initially about the whole process as it was a very significant and commercially critical step for us.

I was really impressed with the work of DRG’s lead strategist and design team and DRG have really helped us move to a much stronger place in the market.

Kim Rylands

The Situation

Global Seafoods have provided quality seafood to the Australian domestic market for well over thirty years.

Kim Rylands, the second generation owner, knew he needed to address his branding in order to strengthen his position with his key customers and develop new customer relationships.

He was initially unsure about the branding process, time frame and costs but choose to work with DRG having been impressed by the background of the lead strategist driving his project.

Working with DRG

DRG first and foremost took time to thoroughly understand the Global Seafood business, the market, its customers, the driving reason for change and the many touch-points that would be part of the brand roll-out process.

This first phase included talking to customers and store visits where the global seafood product range was displayed.

Using the insights from the above, DRG crafted their brand story, brand positioning and developed a very strong brief for their graphic designer.

A new brand identity was designed and then applied to the entire global seafood product range, instore advertising and merchandising.

The Results

The branding process and resulting brand identity and roll-out has been extremely well received by Global's key customers.

Staff are also right behind the new direction which is helping Global's push into new markets.