Zetta Grid Brand Strategy and Implementation

Our new branding is helping us get noticed in our key markets, especially on the EastCoast where we are not as well known. Staff and suppliers love it too

Nick Power, General Manager Zettagrid

the situation

Zetta Grid are an Australian cloud computing provider, part of the Zetta Group of companies.

Before engaging DRG, the company had a unique product offering and were skilled, experienced technicians. The market for cloud infrastructure was significant and growing swiftly and Zetta Grid was keen to capitalise on their strong position.

After spending 2 years working with sister company Zetta Net, DRG was a logical fit to assist Zetta Grid devise their first marketing strategy.

working with DRG

DRG were engaged for an initial 12 month period to develop a solid marketing plan and help execute it. It was soon apparent that Zetta Grid first needed to establish a brand story and DRG was their guide through this invaluable process.

After the crafting of their story and careful design of a brand identity, a marketing plan was developed that would bring this story to life. Implementation involved building an engaging website, a library of quality photography and a suite of other marketing touch points.

the results

Zetta Grid's investment in a brand story during its first year of marketing has set it up for long-term success. A quality brand is a platform from which to launch effective marketing, not just this year but for years to come.

They have now developed the important habit of generating a yearly marketing plan, which will ensure they continue to build their profile in the marketplace.

Zetta Grid now has the confidence to invest more heavily in the marketing of its company, secure in the knowledge they are growing their business.