Grain Pool Marketing Improvement Program

“DRG’s approach differed from other marketing and strategic consultants because it felt very applied, immediate and tailored to suit our business.”

The Situation

Known as Grain Pool at the time of working with DRG, CBH Group is one of Australia's leading grain organisations. A co-operative owned and controlled by more than 4500 grain growers, the company markets and exports Australian grain to the world through its marketing and trading division.

Grainpool recognised a need to better understand its business clients. However, it also knew it lacked the knowledge and impartiality required to devise and conduct a client survey.

working with drg

DRG stepped in to develop and carry out an independent Client Perception Survey.

In consultation with Grainpool, DRG engaged key export markets for the survey. Clients were interviewed in their local language by native Japanese and Mandarin Chinese speakers as appropriate. This approach, combined with a robust and effective methodology, elicited full and frank responses from participants.

the results

The responses DRG drew from Grainpool's business clients formed the foundation for both immediate and long term marketing plans.

Using this new knowledge, Grainpool immediately began to define how they wanted to communicate with their customers.

The survey results were also used to prioritise longer term strategies being worked on by their marketing excellence team.

Overall, working with DRG provided clarity to Grainpool about the unique nature of business to business marketing and brought focus to their future marketing choices.