Curtin Growth Presenter and Mentor

 “ David is an integral part of our Growth  Program presenter and mentor team and is always highly rated by our clients”.


Phil Doyle, Program Manager

The Situation

Running out of Curtin University Business School's Center for Entrepreneurship, the highly regarded Curtin Growth program offers small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) the chance to develop the skills and confidence they need to realise the potential of their business.

This very pragmatic one year course consists of a series of workshops, covering everything from strategy to operations, combined with one on one mentoring. Unique in Australia, Curtin has built a very popular and effective course based on the latest in business development research and the practical experience of skilled business people.

Working with DRG

David Reid began working with the Curtin Growth Program over a decade ago and was responsible for revitalising the marketing components of the course. His extensive marketing experience helped bolster these workshops with realistic and practical learning about marketing that could be feasibly implemented in SMEs.

Since then David has presented to over 500 business people, and the 'Strategic Marketing' and 'Effective Selling' workshops have evolved and strengthened. Since 2009 David has also been a mentor in the program, helping participants re-evaluate their business as the course progresses and make decisions about what changes need to be made.

The Results

These diverse, highly motivated and demanding SME audiences have finely honed David's facilitation and problem-solving skills, and helped him develop a deep understanding of sales and marketing in the SME.

David's involvement in the course has seen marketing and selling become an integral and successful part of the Curtin Growth Program. The consistent positive feedback about David's workshops and the success stories emanating from participants all point to David continuing this productive and satisfying work for many more years.