Steel Blue Digital Marketing

By working with DRG, Steel Blue were able to capitalise on an identified marketing opportunity and achieve sustainable success.

The situation

Steel Blue is a very successful Western Australian owned company with a strong brand and successful marketing.

However, there was a time when they had a substantial gap in their marketing mix. Like many businesses, Steel Blue were aware they needed to move into the social media space. But they hadn't yet jumped in - they wanted to ensure they entered the conversation strongly and maintained and managed their presence effectively.

They were also savvy enough to know they lacked the internal expertise to achieve this themselves. They turned to DRG for a digital marketing strategy.

Working with drg

Research underpins all DRG's strategic advice and this project was no different. A comprehensive scan of social media channels was undertaken to learn how and where Steel Blue was currently being spoken about.

DRG found that the Steel Blue brand already had a positive online presence and excellent recognition: it was clear that social media was an ideal way for the company to connect with their target audience. The potential was huge for Steel Blue to benefit further and DRG recommended they begin by encouraging and generating online discussion through Facebook and Twitter.

The board's agreement with this plan started a 12 month implementation period. As well as setting up the necessary logistics, DRG also trained Steel Blue staff in social media interactions. The intention was to build the internal capacity of Steel Blue to the point that staff could dialogue and engage effectively with existing and potential customers.


The Results

Steel Blue's social marketing has been a great success. They have further built their brand and connected with both loyal customers and new audiences. They now have a complete marketing mix and their social media presence has grown to complement their marketing on all other channels.

Steel Blue are now strong in an area where they previously had no proficiency; by working with DRG they were able to capitalise on an identified marketing opportunity and achieve sustainable success.