Holyoake Business Growth Plan and Branding Implementation

“We used the process that DRG have developed to create our growth plan. This was structured, and very participative and consultative. It involved our key stakeholders.”

Angie Paskevicius, CEO

the situation

Holyoake provides information, counselling and support to people affected by addiction. It is a non-profit, community-based organisation with offices in Victoria Park, Midland, Northam and Narrogin. Its highly successful DRUMBEAT program – which combines experiential learning and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – has been used throughout Australia and overseas.

The vast majority of Holyoake’s revenue had been from government sources. Holyoake’s CEO identified the need to generate alternative revenue and approached DRG seeking a plan to reach commercial entities and manage Holyoake’s anticipated growth.

working with drg

DRG first conducted research and presented Holyoake with a growth plan, containing a list of specific actions.

Together, Holyoake and DRG undertook the disciplined, step-by-step task of implementation. Over a three-year period, each and every action was put in place, including:

Segmenting the corporate market and identifying where Holyoake was most likely to be successful

Developing a clear brand to be used across Holyoake’s service offering

Applying this brand to Holyoake’s website and point-of-sale material

Clearly defining Holyoake’s services and determining how best to present them

Improving the pricing of services including the way these are negotiated.

the results

DRG's extensive work with Holyoake resulted in clarity about potential corporate clients and crisply-worded, well-presented services. This boosted Holyoake’s confidence to enter the corporate market and revenues from commercial sources have now grown.

Holyoake’s brand and its services are being increasingly recognized and anecdotal feedback about Holyoake’s new branding has been very positive.

Holyoake's ongoing relationship  with DRG will help drive its next marketing push.