ReddiFund Brand Strategy and Implementation

“DRG turned us inside out so we’ve become more customer-centric and clearer strategically.”  

Murray Rzepecki

CEO ReddiFund

the situation

ReddiFund, formerly the West Australian Construction Industry Redundancy Fund (WACIRF), supports the construction industry in WA. It offers its members redundancy payments, insurance and counselling services, as well as sponsoring industry training initiatives.

To assure long term viability, the organisation wanted to significantly increase its membership base of both employers and employees. This seemed achievable: a new federal modern building award obliged incorporated employers to make redundancy payments to employees and there was a government investigation into ‘sham’ subcontracting. Both held the potential for membership growth.

However, ReddiFund had not invested in marketing for a significant period and lacked both marketing materials and knowledge. They needed help with strategy, planning, and implementation, and decided to collaborate with DRG.

Working with drg

DRG's first job was to interview key internal and external stakeholders and get a clear view of current perceptions of Reddifund and the attractiveness of its products. What emerged was that ReddiFund's members traditionally came through union agreements and, despite the decrease in these agreements, they were still seen as a 'union' fund.

DRG then worked with ReddiFund to develop a marketing strategy and implementation plan that would transform this perception in their target market. It all started with a new brand story.

After a straightforward and persuasive pitch to ReddiFund's board, where both union representatives and employers embraced the new branding, DRG began implementation of the plan.

the results

WACIRF was relaunched with the new DRG recommended name 'ReddiFund' in early 2013.

DRG continues to work with them in the implementation phase and has developed a large suite of marketing materials including a new logo, website and photographic images. DRG also helped them recruit a new Business Development Manager -  a key recommendation of the marketing strategy.

ReddiFund now has all the tools it needs to position itself as an employee and employer friendly organisation and fulfil the potential of its membership base into the future.