Steel Blue Sales Leadership Program

“I liked the whole process with the DISC profiling: it enabled our staff to get to know each other more. It also got the guys talking. Now they more regularly share information and feel they have a greater stake in decision-making.”


Ross Fitzgerald Sales Director Steel Blue

the situation

Steel Blue is a highly successful Western Australian company with a widely recognised brand and successful marketing.

Steel Blue’s upper-management were convinced that, though performing well, their sales team’s performance could be lifted. They recognised they needed external help to bring about this lift.

working with drg

DRG was initially engaged to present at Steel Blue’s annual sales conference. The experienced sales staff were sceptical about the value of sales training provided by an external consultant. However, the presentation and DRG’s approach to sales improvement was well received.

After receiving the invitation to work more extensively with Steel Blue, DRG started at the top, providing sales leadership programs for the four sales managers. These programs used recognised profiling tools to determine the sales leaders’ competencies and areas of challenge. Successful one-on-one coaching followed.

the results

Greater awareness about themselves and how they were managing their teams lead the sales managers to significantly alter the way they managed. Similarly, the Sales Director honed the way he engaged with staff.

These two developments had a flow-on effect; the territory managers and individual sales people were spurred to cultivate better relationships with distributors.

The Managing Director was so impressed with DRG’s sales leadership program that it was adapted and used with everyone in leadership positions at Steel Blue.