Well Ops SEA Business Development Improvement Program

“DRG drove home what the customer wants to hear and know about – the product or service’s value to them. Also, the need to get the key point across quickly once you have the customer’s attention, rather than droning on about how good your company is.

Jon Edwards, Business Development, Well Ops SEA

the situation

Well Ops SEA is a West Australian based company that provides well intervention and de-commissioning services to the oil and gas industry. The majority of Well Ops staff members are engineers and they pride themselves on their technical excellence.

Well Ops’ founder knew they had many prospective clients because they had a good sales pipeline. But he also knew they weren’t getting traction with their sales: too few prospects were becoming clients.

The founder wanted to know why. And, what could be done about it.

Working with DRG

DRG met with the senior engineers involved in business development, examining the nature of long-term business-to-business (B2B) selling in their industry.

This yielded several insights.

Firstly, over the course of one B2B relationship a variety of decision-makers need convincing.

Secondly, different arguments convince different decision-makers. Some need a technical focus, others a commercial focus and still others need a big-picture focus that shows how Well Ops’ services fit within their operations.

Thirdly, each decision-maker requires a compelling reason to act.

the results

Though the content of the Well Ops SEA sales presentations was technically strong, it lacked compelling reasons to buy.

DRG used their toolkit to re-structure the sales presentations in various formats and coached staff members in how to present their services persuasively.

The senior managers were extremely satisfied: the value of their company’s expertise was being clearly and convincingly communicated.