ANZ Wealth Management Sales Improvement Program

“At first, I was sceptical, thinking: oh no, we’ll get another slick sales presenter’.

Andrew Hector, former Head of Private Banking

The Situation

While ANZ is a bank that needs no introduction, private banking is not an area everyone is familiar with.

When these more exclusive wealth management services were considering sales training and coaching, the managers were hesitant, wanting to avoid ‘another slick sales training program’.

However, on a recommendation, they decided to work with DRG.

working with drg

DRG devised and presented a twelve-week sales course for ANZ Wealth Management's front-line staff. This covered a range of areas including efficiency and time-management, setting and achieving goals, strategy and tactics, telephone skills, and effective presentations.

ANZ were so impressed with the time-management seminar that they thought it was worthwhile for their whole team to attend additional sessions.

DRG then provided customised individual and group coaching to frontline team members. This coaching looked at practical issues such as where they were, how to get to the next step, and why they hadn’t closed individual sales.

This moved DRG into the area of sales reporting. DRG assessed sales reports, considered why sales were improving for some and not for others, and then looked at how the performers could help the non-performers.  ANZ felt this principle of assessing and using the organisation’s ‘performing resources’ was a good one.

the results

ANZ Wealth Management believe the success of their collaboration with DRG was due to the long term and genuine commitment of both parties.

DRG developed real relationships with all participants and built trust by being approachable, committed and results orientated.

Rather than offering a quick-fix, DRG delivered a solid foundation for continued success.