Chippers Funeral Homes Sales Improvement Program

It’s obvious that DRG thoroughly believes in sales and sales people. Due to their own sales and communication skills, they clearly conveyed this belief and passion to people.

Kim Chipper, Former Owner of Chippers Funeral Home

the situation

Chippers Funerals is a proudly Western Australian and family owned business with over 120 years of distinguished history.

In the present day however, Chipper Funeral's staff needed to build skills in gaining appointments. The company also needed the assistance of an external recruiter when conducting recruitment interviews for frontline staff.

working with drg

DRG took on both of Chipper Funeral’s projects, a benefit of their flexible and integrated approach.

DRG developed and delivered comprehensive sales training for the company’s frontline staff.

Management and staff all appreciated the practical experience, applied knowledge and enthusiasm that DRG provided; they didn’t just doesn’t deliver theories learned from a book or downloaded from the internet.

They also enjoyed the genuine tone of DRG’s delivery, as opposed to ‘ra-ra brigades’ that get everyone excited but soon leave them back in their comfort zone. The DRG approach was strategic: it allowed people to digest and internalise the information, and then helped them to use it. DRG enabled change, rather than creating hype.

the results

The interviewing process was successful and the person recruited continues to perform well.

Chipper Funerals were very happy with the staff training they recieved. "DRG are personable, and seemed to get on well with our staff, all of whom are very positive people. We hire people because of their caring attitude, which means that sometimes they’re not the most sales-oriented. DRG has related very well to people who don’t view themselves as salespeople. They take them on a journey and help them to appreciate how selling relates to them and their work."