Indian Ocean Group Training Association Strategic Plan

“Simply put, for learning and employment services, IOGTA is back on track to be the partner of first choice for organisations on these islands.”

David Donovan, General Manager

the situation

The Indian Ocean Group Training Association (IOGTA) is a registered training organisation and group training organisation on Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands. It also offers employment and office services to businesses on these islands.

Particularly on Christmas Island, IOGTA had become disconnected – from its clients, from the community and from the federal and state government’s plans for the islands. In addition, its activities on the islands were lacking coordination. In short, IOGTA was facing a loss of relevance, stakeholder dissatisfaction, and the entry of competitors.

In spite of this, the bigger employer organisations wanted (and want) IOGTA to succeed because on such remote islands training is expensive and sourcing the right staff difficult. To them, IOGTA was a potential lifeline.

For its part, IOGTA wanted to regain its place as a key contributor to a sustainable future for Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands. It sought DRG’s help to frame the vision and the actions that would make this happen.

working with drg

DRG conducted primary and secondary research in order to gain a clear grasp of the situation. This included interviews and meetings with IOGTA staff members, employers and board members on Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands, and reviewing and summarising the many reports at regional and island levels.

DRG presented their research to the client and an agreement about its key findings was reached. These findings were the foundation for IOGTA’s strategy, devised in partnership with DRG. A brainstorming session about what to do next followed and a draft implementation plan was crafted by DRG. On receiving the plan, the IOGTA board response was unanimous approval.

the results

After successfully collaborating with DRG, IOGTA now have a strategic plan with a strong value proposition and a clear, overarching call to action.

These led to three key operational strategies:

Creating personalised learning programmes,

Becoming the Indian Ocean Territories strategy implementation partner, and

Using excess funds in a targeted way.

Furthermore, IOGTA now has a more convincing case for government grants and corporate support, as well as a stronger rationale for its place on key strategic bodies.