West Australian Alternative Energy Marketing Plan and Implementation

With hindsight I can see that my existing marketing efforts weren’t connecting with customers. DRG’s process helped me understand my target market and develop a brand strategy so I had the confidence to invest in effective marketing.

The situation

West Australian Alternative Energy (WAAE) is a specialist provider of high quality, commercial scale solar systems.

Starting as an experienced electrician, owner Simon Barclay quickly developed an excellent reputation in the sector as a skilled solar installer. After establishing his own full-service solar company and growing it to an impressive degree, Simon decided he needed some help with branding, marketing and selling.

He evaluated a number of marketing companies and ultimately chose DRG to lead WAAE through this new phase of growth.

working with drg

DRG immediately identified the need for a strong strategic plan, initially for the first one to two years and then a longer term, three to five year plan. This provided WAAE with a very salient initial focus - getting their brand story right.

As with most DRG clients, our customer research plainly indicated WAAE are very good at what they do; the challenge was communicating this clearly to current and potential customers.

Working with DRG, Simon was able to identify his target audience and his message to them: WAAE has the highly skilled ability to lower the electricity costs of your business.

the results

Smart strategic planning and a brand story that worked gave Simon the confidence to invest in DRG's trademark high quality marketing, including good design, photography and copy writing. This resulted in an excellent website and other valuable marketing materials that genuinely support all sales efforts.

With the benefit of DRG's unique approach to branding, marketing and sales, WAAE now has the clarity, confidence and tools to take full advantage of a thriving commercial solar market.