Zoodata Brand Strategy and Implementation

They took a very holistic approach to our business, helping us understand what we needed to do and why. With their assistance we implemented a branding and marketing strategy that has changed the way our current and potential clients see us.

Robyn Hukin

The situation

Zoodata are an IT company specialising in on-site database support and system development for the WA health, local government and corporate sectors.

Zoodata are highly regarded experts in their industry but by their own admission, not sales and marketing oriented. An Enterprise Connect business review identified this was limiting their potential and creating an over-reliance on a small group of profitable customers.

Zoodata needed a strategic branding, marketing and sales plan to expand their client base. They turned to DRG to access the skills and experience they needed to achieve this goal.

working with DRG

DRG took Zoodata's owners and staff through a consultative and holistic process designed to facilitate the growth of their business.

After connecting with Zoodata's clients, it was clear the existing name '2CC Computing' was not meaningful to the company's target market. The development of a new brand story and strategic marketing plan resulted in a successful name change to 'Zoodata' and the implementation of a fresh brand identity, website and other marketing touch points.


the results

Zoodata committed to taking an intensive journey with DRG, from brand strategy to marketing implementation. The result has been a significant and ongoing lift in awareness about the business for existing and potential customers.

The new Zoodata brand story has boosted the confidence of everyone in the business, helping them capitalise on long-term customer relationships and develop new ones. They now have a solid platform for pushing forward with DRG on a direct sales strategy that will expand their client base even further.