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The David Reid Group has been successfully guiding businesses through the business development journey for more than 20 years and we’re continually refining, improving and adapting our approach.


(Listen, Analyse, Recommend, Act)

Driving change is at the heart of what the David Reid Group supports businesses to do and we work closely with the owners and managers responsible for that change, ensuring they have the skills needed to generate a stronger Business Development culture.


First and foremost, we listen to determine where you are and what you need to do differently to move forward in a better way.

We get your team members’ take on who you are and aim to speak with key clients, as they have some of the best insights into your business, good, bad, or indifferent.

We’ll also talk to business partners and others who you may have turned to, who know you well, to understand how they see you.


We look at your offer, where you make your money, who you clients are, and your breakeven sales data. We review the market, your competitors, and what they offer relative to you.

We look closely at your business: your structure and your people (including their skills and limitations) then collate, analyse and synthesise these insights.


Improving business development is a change project and change often isn’t easy.

Our recommendations are based on real, tangible achievements that are firmly anchored to your budget, time availability, resources, and your strengths and limitations, whilst also encouraging you to challenge your approach and thinking.


Guiding our clients through the review process is satisfying but our partnership goes beyond this. We help you do the work to achieve the new direction you’re looking for.

We have curated a highly-skilled network of professionals – including management consultants, coaches, trainers, recruiters technologists, marketers, writers, graphic and web designers, photographers and videographers – to deploy the customised strategies you need to see your business grow.

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