Sales Training

Tailored training sessions that share business development knowledge built up and fine-tuned over more than 20 years of coaching and training is our specialty.

We focus on who you are, where you are now and what you need to do differently to get to where you want to go.

Our programs are designed for different people at different levels of competency, including:

Business owners and CEOs who need to do more business development
Experienced salespeople who need to maintain their edge
People new to business development and sales
Customer-facing employees who need to understand and implement sales techniques, but who have not traditionally been thought of as having a sales role

Business development is ever evolving, meaning contemporary insights are key to success. Features of our training include:-
• Understanding your customers buying psychology
• Reading people & reading the play
• Harnessing your self awareness, empathy and commercial instincts to become a better deal maker
• Thinking strategically
• Building better business relationships
• Driving a proactive networking strategy
• Knowing how to position and sell value
• Working to a sales process
• Closing the deal
It also covers understanding the strengths & limitations of your selling style using well credentialed psychometric tools.

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