We’re management consultants focused on improving business development. We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, directors, managers and their teams and almost exclusively with businesses operating in a business-to-business environment.


Since forming in 2001, we have worked with over 200 businesses across Australia and internationally, spanning many different sectors, including mining services, engineering, technology, construction, manufacturing, banking, professional services and not for profits.

We’re always learning from our clients and are attuned to the changing nuances of doing business in their respective sectors. This learning compounds each year we’re in operation, allowing us to quickly add value to new clients we acquire and address the challenges they’re face in growing their business.


Our business model is based on understanding what our clients want to achieve and sourcing the right people with the right expertise to work collaboratively with them to bring about the organisational growth they’re seeking.

We draw from an extensive network of specialists including business strategists, marketers, coaches, trainers, recruiters, technologists, and creatives, such as designers, writers, photographers, videographers, and print specialists.


David Reid

David is an accomplished business strategist, consultant, trainer and coach with decades of experience.

He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and completed post graduate studies in Marketing. David uses the insights gained from both these disciplines to help clients make smart business decisions aligned to the buying behaviour of their customers.

Since forming DRG in 2001, David has worked alongside more than 200 business owners and directors to help them strategically grow their organizations. He leverages off his extensive network of complementary consulting professionals as needed to support this growth.

As a sales trainer and coach, David has designed and delivered customized sales training and coaching programs to more than 2,000 people across all of DRG’s focus sectors.

From 2002 to 2017, he designed and delivered the sales and marketing modules for the highly credentialed Curt in Growth Program at Curtin University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, presenting to more than 900 business owners and directors during that time.

He has worked extensively in Africa, in both Kenya and Zambia, helping local African banks engage with the fast -growing small business sectors in those countries.

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