All businesses are powered by people and better understanding how these people function in the workplace and in their work relationships can support companies and leaders to transform.

Bespoke problem solving

As experienced facilitators, we work to a proven process and offer a holistic fresh perspective, a strategic and commercial mindset & strong problem solving and people skills.  Business challenges we are adept are dealing with include :

  • Realising market opportunities
  • Rethinking roles and responsibilities
  • Complex people issues
  • Improved internal collaboration
  • Prioritizing business improvement initiatives

Executive Coaching

Collaboration is vital for growth and working with a coach to unravel the complexities of the challenges you face – amidst the strengths and limitations of your own leadership style – is essential to allow you to confidently move forward at any given time.

Our executive coaching supports and up-skills leaders to:

  • Better understand and develop themselves and others through building self-awareness
  • Better manage teams of people
  • Make smarter decisions; and set realistic goals and expectations in order to build a better business.This coaching is highly customized and harness the power of well-credentialed psychometric tools. 

Sales Training

Our tailored sales training and coaching sessions share the vital knowledge we’ve built up and fine-tuned over more than three decades.Our approach is to focus on who you are, where you are now and what you need to do differently to get to where you want to go.

Our programs are designed for different people at different levels of competency, including:

  • Business owners and CEOs who need to do more sales
  • Experienced sales people who want to maintain their edge
  • People new to business development and sales
  • Customer-facing non sales people who are increasingly more involved in sales


Helping our clients grow their business typically results in new roles being created or the need to recruit fresh people into existing roles.

When we arrive at this juncture, we’ve already developed a deep understanding of our clients. With all this knowledge, it’s easy to recognise the kind of people who will be the best fit for their team when we find them.

Leveraging these insights and using proven methodology, we can help our clients with the entire recruitment process, from defining roles, responsibilities, reporting structures and KPIs through to selecting and onboarding their new team member, including using key profiling tools for enhanced success.

When searching for higher-level professionals, we are able to tap into our well-developed relationships with executive search agencies.

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