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We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, directors, managers, and their teams and almost exclusively with businesses operating in a business-to-business environment.

We formed in 2001 and have since worked with over 200 businesses across Australia and internationally from many different sectors, including industrial trades, mining services, engineering, technology, construction, manufacturing, banking and professional services.

We’re always learning from our clients and picking up the latest nuances of how to do business in each sector. This learning compounds each year, allowing us to quickly add value to new clients and help them navigate the challenges they face in growing their business.


Our distinctive approach centres on four key steps, which reflect who we are as individuals, developed through our extensive consulting.
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David Reid

David’s completed post graduate studies in marketing and his deep fascination with understanding those around him led to his attainment of an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

“All businesses are powered by people and better understanding how these people function in the workplace and in their work relationships can support companies and leaders to transform.

Helping our clients understand and address what they’re wrestling with in this way is integral to what we do.”

Embracing other principles stemming from psychology, such as the growth mindset concept, he also designed and delivered the key modules for the Curtin Growth Program, part of Curtin University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, over a 15-year period.

“I’ve spent a lot of time inside businesses and with businesspeople and I understand them well and I’m very comfortable with all of them, even if they’re a bit tricky or difficult.

“If you’re a consultant who wants to help people you need to have the flexibility and dexterity to meaningfully connect and engage with all the types of people you’re going to come across – and you’ve also got to be able to say what you see in a way that will be heard, so people can genuinely onboard it.”

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