A major challenge with business development is leveraging the unique and important contributions marketing and sales people can make to an organisation.

For starters, most business owners and directors aren’t typically from a marketing or sales background – though they clearly understand their organisation and its customers – and freely admit they aren’t certain how to get the best from these team members.

Marketing and sales people often have a different thinking style – or personality type or even skillset– which can be unlike others in the business. If not managed well, this can cause conflict or unrest to arise, primarily due to tension caused by misunderstandings.

Marketing and sales people are different from each other and often don’t connect that well. They have very different skill sets and perform very different functions within a business but need to work in harmony with each other and others for their true value to be realised.

Ensuring marketing and sales expertise is carefully integrated into a business  requires far more planning than most expect – even with entirely competent and capable people.

Time, understanding and effort are musts.

Key things for business owners and directors to consider include:

Bringing these convergent styles into an organisation is something the David Reid Group has spent a lot of time doing.

We’ve learned from trial and error what’s required to effectively leverage the expertise good marketing and sales people can provide.

With careful planning and in-depth understanding, it’s entirely possible to bring these different thinking styles together in a collaborative, positive way that benefits all.

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